19 giugno 2017
beeGraphic announced that it has partnered with US-based Digimarc Corporation to provide of Digimarc Barcode service offering to its customers and pro continua

Wink continues to grow

15 giugno 2017

Wink opens in Italy Wink South Europe: Fabrizio Decio general manager with Sara Magugliani Interior Sales and Elena Galbusera External Sales.

New technologies for rotogravure

11 giugno 2017

Bobst makes an impact at rotogravure innovation including new dryer technology, inking systems, ergonomics & safety, sustainability and energy savings ... continua

Lombardi gold entrepreneur’s Award

29 maggio 2017

Claudio Lombardi has been prized with the “Pollicione d'Oro” for his advanced research and results in the field of label and and converting printi ... continua

  • Eco-friendly pouch
    20 marzo 2017

    Premade multi-layer laminated pouch, with spout and cap, is mainly made of bio-based polyethylene. continua

  • Inks for printed electronic
    15 marzo 2017

    Sun Chemical to showcase full portfolio of inks for screen, industrial and inkjet printing and for printed electronics at FESPA 2017. continua

  • World premiere on UV DAYS 2017
    8 marzo 2017

    The eighth UV DAYS will take place from 15th to 18th May at the headquarters of IST Metz GmbH in Nürtingen, with new products celebrating their world premiere. continua

  • A revolution in screen printing
    24 febbraio 2017

    Innovative dot screen software, allows to revolutionize the screen process overcoming its technological limits to obtain shades without moiré effect. continua

  • A Radar on labels industry
    17 febbraio 2017

    The European labels industry’s in-depth market analysis by the International label association FINAT, in its Finat Radar. continua

  • FTA Flexo Best Practice
    9 febbraio 2017

    During the last FTA Europe Board Meeting in Paris, the launch of the Flexo Best Practice Tool Box Project was approved. Industry support is requested. continua