MetaPrintArt has a strong editorial team composed of high-level professionals each in their own field of specialization and activity from business strategies and finance, to paper converting, to packaging and flexography, and culture.

Marco Picasso


Graduated in Geology, he has been responsible for communication and marketing in several industrial companies. He collaborated with technical magazines. Since 1990 he was editor-in-chief of Rassegna Grafica, and since 2002 director of Graphicus till this historical magazine was closed by the publisher. In 2009 he founded MetaPrintArt.

Micaela Picasso

Micaela Picasso, architect and designer, expert in fashion and packaging design. Director of the magazine is a co-director of MetaPrintArt who is responsible for marketing and communication.

Vittorio Malvezzi

was born in Milan, the third generation of a family of printers.

Expert at the Milan Chamber of Commerce, Paper and Carton board Commission. He held positions in trade associations, both nationally and internationally. Financial analyst, also writes on and

He was awarded with the prestigious recognition of the ‘Pollicione d’Oro’, for his entrepreneurial activity and in the field of culture and graphic education.

Numerous awards obtained in Italy and abroad.

Roberto Mercati

he graduated at the Brera Academy in Milan. Journalist since 1997, for over twenty years he has worked in magazines in the printing and packaging industry. In MetaPrintArt he is sales manager and editor of technical articles.

Helmut Mathes

graduated at the High School of Graphic Art in Stuttgart, he works in Germany before moving to ILTE in Turin and since 1985 to Nebiolo. Since 1993 he has been a consultant for market studies, product researches, feasibility studies. He collaborates with various companies and is consultant in the paper board industry. Technical journalist he collaborates with Flexoprint, Flexo + Tiefdruck, Flexo & Gravure International, NarroWebTech, Etiketten / Label, Flexo & Gravure Asia.

Gian Carlo Torre

is one of the world’s leading experts in ex libris, whose collection includes some tens of thousands of specimens all cataloged. He organizes exhibitions of ex libris personally supervises the catalogs, and he is Author of specialized books.

Giorgio Coraglia

Ex linotipista a Tuttosport e a La Stampa di Torino, è oggi uno dei pochi studiosi della storia della composizione meccanica «a caldo». Nel suo sito «Linotype & linotipisti – L’arte di fondere i pensieri in piombo» racconta la storia lunga un secolo delle macchine compositrici meccaniche dell’età del piombo, arricchita dalle testimonianze di chi ha vissuto in quelle straordinarie tipografie odorose d’inchiostro e rumorose di Linotype. Vanta una notevole conoscenza storica e una capacità di scrittura invidiabili. Ha collaborato con Graphicus dal 2002 al 2008; ha organizzato nel Museo civico della stampa di Mondovì la mostra storica per i 160 anni della Gazzetta del Popolo nel 2008 e le giornate de “La Compagnia della Stampa alla corte della Linotype” al museo monregalese.
Collabora a MetaPrintArt con articoli culturali e aneddotici sulla storia della tipografia.

Sabine Slaughter

professional journalist in the Graphic Arts sector, director of Global Print Monitor, MetaPrintArt's online partner magazine.