This new release of color management software makes it easy to keep up with the latest technologies and trends in color management. It helps you to meet your customers requirements and maintain a flexible workflow.  MeasureColor Reports 18.1 effortlessly keeps you up to speed with the right data at the right moment.

Support for Measurement Illumination Conditions is now fully integrated into MeasureColor 18.1. From now on MeasureColor automatically recognizes under which M-condition a color is specified. The measuring device is automatically adjusted to use the right measuring condition, which rules out any mistakes made by hand and makes life easier for the operator.
A much requested feature from our users in the packaging industry is the possibility to set up a different delta E-tolerance for each color. With MeasureColor 18.1 you are now able to differentiate your quality-requirements, for example between spot colors and process colors. More often than not brand owners require a lower tolerance for spot colors than process colors. With MeasureColor 18.1 you can control color approval at a higher level and check your product where it really matters.
The new version of MeasureColor also supports the latest measuring devices such as X-Rite’s IntelliTrax2 and the new Techkon’s SpectroDens and SpectroDrive. With MeasureColor 18.1 you are up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends, because the new standards Fogra 51 and Fogra 52 are supported natively.

Better quality, more automation

New measuring devices on the market support Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV), the new ISO 20654 standard. This revolutionary new standard is now also integrated in MeasureColor 18.1. SCTV will be widely supported by the industry and helps you to obtain much better quality results for your important spot colors than traditional TVI (Tone Value Increase) measurement.
MeasureColor 18.1 contains numerous usability and performance improvements, a lot of which where implemented after listening to customer feedback. For closed-loop offset-printers, MeasureColor 18.1 offers automated target densities, based on Colorware’s best-match technology Chromatrack. This technology turns your printing environment into a completely automated workspace. By automatically sending back information into the press after every measurement, MeasureColor is constantly fine tuning the printing process, reducing waste to an absolute minimum.

 Scheduled Reporting

The latest version of MeasureColor Reports 18.1 also comes equipped with new features that will give brand owners and production managers more control over the production environment and product quality. From now on your PDF Reports can also be sent automatically to a specified e-mail address at scheduled times. To make this even more flexible Colorware has added a new type of report: the Daily Matrix. This is a completely customizable report that gives you updates on the performance of any production unit, press, operator or color you select.
Hold on, there’s more…
MeasureColor has added a number of operator oriented tools to check and improve for G7. MeasureColor’s GrayFinder technology is undeniably one of the most powerful tools to clearly indicate the GrayBalance correction, without the need of extended color bars. This means press operators and quality managers can now quickly see if they run according to G7 specifications. 
The MeasureColor G7 press control functionality is ready to go through the iDealliance Press Control certification process and Colorware expects a full iDealliance certified module on very short term.
With all these new features MeasureColor 18.1 is turned into a color management powerhouse. MeasureColor 18.1 gives you more flexibility and efficiency in your production, while improving the consistency and quality of your products.
The popularity of MeasureColor Reports continuous to grow. Since the introduction in 2016 many US packaging printers and brand owners have started using MeasureColor Reports. Recently one of USA’s main packaging printer groups installed MeasureColor Reports for the centralization of quality reporting of 27 production sites.