FTA’a 2016 President’s Award bestowed to Sante Conselvan president of ATIF

For his work leading the formation of FTA Europe and vision of a stronger, unified European flexographic industry, Sante Conselvan is the recipient of Flexographic Technical Association’s (FTA) 2016 President’s Award. The award was presented tonight at FTA’s Annual Awards Banquet, held in conjunction with the Association’s Annual Forum in Fort Worth, TX.
As president of ATIF (Associazione Tecnica Italiana per la Flessografia), Sante spearheaded the FTA Europe formation initiative by inviting all European flexographic associations to a meeting to discuss the creation of an organizational network to exchange information and ideas in a collective manner, in order to avoid wasting resources duplicating efforts. The stated goal was to share technical information, experiences, data and even technical experts as a means of improving knowledge and shortening development cycles. During its initial formative stage, Sante’s influence in bringing the founding Flexographic Technical Associations together—Benelux, France, Italy, Spain and the U.K.—led to FTA Europe being formally established in February of 2015.
Sante’s belief that the establishment of FTA Europe is an important step forward for the European flexographic community was not only shared by the founding member associations, but also by the management and leadership of FTA-USA. As Sante so eloquently put it, we all speak one common language… and that is flexo!
FTA is proud to recognize Sante Conselvan, a true international ambassador, for his leadership and determined efforts to unify the people, associations and countries that make up the worldwide business community.