The new digital label finishing Vericut3 brings a completely redesigned platform for the most advanced digital or conventional label web.

Rotoflex has released Vericut3, the next generation of its off-line finishing solution for digital and conventional printed web. With a completely redesigned platform, Vericut3 reconfirms the Rotoflex commitment to provide leading finishing solutions to the narrow web industry.
The new Vericut3 is 100% servo-driven for precise tension control and flexibility; from unwind to rewind and all print and die cut units in between, including the matrix removal unit. Motorized roll lift, innovative URC 2.0 proprietary control system featuring the exclusive Report Management System (RMS), and biometric login offer advanced operation and control. In addition, the Vericut3 features an efficient webpath for reduced set up waste, a motorized capstan, and optimized operating speeds.
With the most sophisticated motion control technology in the industry, Vericut3 delivers accuracy and precision for many off-line applications and processes. The new design significantly reduces material waste through the automated die cutter and flexo unit set up, and addresses the ever-changing inspection rewind requirements to maximize digital workflows, accommodate shorter runs, and reduce costs.
A variety of optional processes can be configured into Vericut3 such as lamination, hot and cold foil, screen and coatings.