Barry-Wehmiller confirmed the acquisition of paper processing group of Bielomatik.

Barry‐Wehmiller Cos., Inc., (BW) capital equipment and engineering solutions leader, has confirmed they acquired the Bielomatik group associated with the paper processing product line of Bielomatik Leuze GmbH + Co. KG. They signed a letter of agreement and finalized the sale.
Bielomatik’s paper processing product line that cuts, binds, finishes and wraps paper merges now with BW Papersystems, headquartered in the USA, a global supplier to the paper and board sheeting, paper converting and corrugating industries. BW Papersystems incorporates many of the successful brands: Will‐Pemco, MarquipWardUnited, SHM, Wrapmatic, Kugler‐Womako and Curioni.
Bielomatik is globally known for its paper processing equipment including sheeters and machines for wrapping, stacking and packing. Their paper processing group additionally manufactures stationery and binding machines incorporating all binding technologies used for the production of exercise books, in schools and business around the world.