Sam Meccanica manufactures machines and systems for the production of labels and cases, focusing in particular on the screen printing and hot foil lamination processes.

We visit Sam Meccanica, an Italian company which is more known on an international level than in its own country; 80% of its turnover comes from export trade indeed. Let’s have a conversation with its owners Demis Bertoni and William Truzzi to find out the secrets of this Italian excellence.

MetaPrintArt – Which is actually the sector that you invest more in?

William Truzzi – We have a long-lasting experience both in self-adhesive labels and luxury packaging sector. We plan and manufacture flat UV screen printing, hot stamping, embossing and die-cutting machines whose final results are high quality labels. Let’s say that the sectors directing to us are those involved in the production of labels for wines and spirits. Another branch of production consists in producing special labels made out of aluminium, copper and self-adhesive pewter and even those used in the biomedical industry. This enables us to meet a wide range of requirements and needs from time to time, thus enhancing our skills.

MPA – You are in the packaging and converting paper sectors as well.

WT – Yes, we are known on the ‘Luxury Packaging’ market as well, thanks to our screen printing machines working with flat and thickness print on satin and double satin ribbons, gross-grain, cotton, polyester, elastic band, fabric labels, etc.

MPA – A great example of diversification…
WT – But this is not all. Our company is also known and appreciated in the Security Print sector, dealing with the protection of trademarks. This production line ranges from the hologram hot-transferring on fabric labels, spot-registered holograms, scratch off on labels, checks and continuous forms up to magnetic band  and holographic stripes transferring machines on banknotes vouchers and plastic layers for credit cards and Holoplotters transferring spot-registered holograms on sheet material.

Two colours screen printer

Two colours screen printer

MPA – A wide range of machines that obviously demands specialization in several fields.
Demis Bertoni – We would like to point out that we provide our customers with solutions to their needs, rather than simply sell them machines. It takes knowledge and research of course, and we’ve made of it our key strength. Our attempt and aim is to follow the long-lasting and remarkable tradition of excellence belonging to our region. Think about Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, top-quality manufacturing brands known worldwide.

MPA – Do you mean that Sam Meccanica represents in label market what Maserati stands for in motoring sector?
DB – They are actually our customers that say that, sometimes. We are of course very pleased to hear that, since it is the proof that our international success comes from a daily growth  whose result is a constant and unrelenting attention to every detail. All of us working in Sam Meccanica have been enhancing our skills day by day, because perfection is an endless long run.

MPA – So, a skilled and trained staff…
DB – Everyone is Sam Meccanica knows very well that this is an unquestionable  principle. That’s why every technician has an overall knowledge on the product we sell, but also sectorial skills enabling them to provide customers with general expert advice regarding assistance and maintenance. Our customers are aware of that and decide to reward us with their loyalty year by year.

Sceen printer 4 colours for textile labels

Sceen printer 4 colours for textile labels

MPA – How do you structure your research?
DB – The main goal of Sam Meccanica research and development is aimed at forestalling the requests and trends that may come from market. I think that anticipation is the key factor to succeed in every field. But you cannot anticipate without investing in intelligence. Intelligence in conceiving, creating and planning technological solutions able to increase quality, decrease costs and improve productivity, thus reducing the post-sales assistance.

MPA – Therefore anticipation, not imitation…
DB – Absolutely. We fuel technologies, that’s why any customer’s problem is a new opportunity for us. Many solutions arise from a problem or a customer’s specific need. Our motto is ‘Think fast, think great’; it is in English because our activity reaches out to the whole world.
The market expects us to reduce costs and time, so our company needs to be flexible and able to adapt quickly to market changes. This makes the microprocessor control systems play a fundamental role in productive industrial processes. The businessmen are increasingly oriented towards computer-controlled systems that have dramatically reduced the start-up phases and the production management. The microprocessor control represents the engine of this system and its performances determine the performance of the system itself. Of course, we choose the latest microprocessor controllers for our machines, which allows us to get a and defined set-up times, a reliable user-friendly interface and in particular versatility, which is the keystone of the ”machine” planning.

MPA – To sum up, we could define this strategy as your key to success?
DB and WT – Yes. Sam Meccanica has succeeded in finding and entering market niches thanks to that. We have managed to keep our customers’ loyalty even in complex industry sectors. We haven’t lost any business opportunity so far.