Milwaukee Journal Sentinel economizes and improves print quality thanks to Système Chromatique.

As the largest news organization in Wisconsin and one of the leading metropolitan daily newspapers in the United States, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is recognized nationally for journalism excellence and digital innovation. MJS delivers award-winning news and information on multiple digital platforms to a growing audience while maintaining a strong focus on serving its community with journalism that makes a difference.
Innovation is not just about technology, it’s about how it improves daily lives and productivity. Over the past several months, Système Chromatique has helped the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel exploit reliability and efficiency in its daily production, providing them with great colour reproduction as well as improved ink mileage while upholding the quality standards that its customers demand.
Gary Hall, Senior Director of Plant Operations at MJS, stated about Système Chromatique that “it is truly amazing that such a user friendly system, with basically no oversight needed from existing staff, can produce such results in ink savings while producing overall improved quality of our images. These two factors together are what set Système Chromatique apart from its industry competitors.
He also claimed that Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has rigorously reduced the colour ink kilos consumed since the adoption of Système Chromatique. On average, “between 9 and 12 ink kilos per metric ton of paper consumed have been saved.” With regards to image rendition and quality instead, “we have been receiving regular feedback from all of our advertisers and commercial customers; positive comments on the clarity and crispness of our pictures.”
Thanks to Système Chromatique “multiple complaints each week for set off issues have been virtually eliminated,” which confirms once again that the system does not only simplify the work but, most importantly, it improves relationships.
In today’s challenging economic conditions, it is very helpful to receive a product that provides such services,” said Mr. Hall. We are very pleased that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has trusted in Système Chromatique to improve both its print and production quality.