Special application through OMET Varyflex V2 for the pharmaceutical industry at Medication Technology of St Petersburg, Florida, US

MTS is a major American producer of pharmaceutical packaging. From its headquarter of St. Petersburg, on the Tampa bay, it serves the market of the United States with an important share of its production being exported to Europe.
MTS has developed smart blisters design providing personalized monthly or weekly medication cycles. Offer includes a full line of unit dose packaging; the blister design allows to package and seal a wide variety of unit dose dispensing systems, ranging from 24-hour dosing to 30-day regimen.


The Variflex X4 by OMET

The Variflex V2 by OMET

 OMET recently completed for MTS the manufacturing of Varyflex V2 press, specially designed for the production of pharma blisters. New Varyflex V2 press 670 mm (26″ 3/8) wide, features multiple unwinders (with automatic splicing capabilities), and double inline laminators in order to deliver a variety of constructions for multi-layers products, combining cardboard, foil and silicone liner.
The complete press configuration includes a UV flexo section with front/reverse printing capability for Hi-Def artworks. Furthermore, a rotogravure unit provides consistent coating process, while in-line lamination is performed, in different positions, using water based and/or hot melt coatings. Multiple converting processes are part of the complete configuration: two different sections, in different positions along the press, allow perforation, cavity scoring and exhausting, plus slitting and final sheeting.
In order to be really effective on long runs, the press can convert carton up to 420 micron thickness at very high speeds, while the quick printing and converting changeover capabilities guarantee profitability on extremely short runs. The machine can deliver the finished product either in rolls or finished cartons (foil-laminated or foil+liner laminated).

After multiple tests carried out during the press acceptance, the installation of the press was successfully carried out during the month of November 2013 in Tampa, Florida. The press is currently and efficiently on production.