With a new formula Lombardi Converting Machinery successfully experimented a personalised open door. One week to present to selected international customers the flexo web Invicta 630 for flexible packaging.

Packaging & more. Flexible packaging with the Invicta 630, and pressure sensitive and booklet labels with the Synchroline 430. All of this has been available for printers coming from Europe, Africa and Middle East, in the Brescia (Northern Italy) site of Lombardi during the first week of March. This was the first Lombardi’s opens doors since Enrico Gandolfi and Giovanni Perego reached the Italian company, last year.

Invicta 630 Lombardi packaging flessibileLa Invicta 630 by Lombardi for theflexibile packaging 


The narrow web Synchroline 430 has been configurated with the overlapping system for booklet labels up to 4 layers. The modularity, a characteristic of these machines allowed to insert the typical Lombardi’s modules for in line finishing.

But the focus of this Lombardi’s week was the Invicta 630 (650cm wide belt) in a very innovative version. A real evolution, that allows to combine productivity with flexibility and operational simplicity, with absolutely new solutions on the flexo printing market for flexible film substrates. Presented in the reel-to-reel version with 8 sleeve printing units, the Invicta 630 has been conceived to be converted also into a pressure sensitive label machine, with the insertion of the die-cutting and waste recovery group.

Thanks to the Lombardi’s philosophy of extreme modularity – explains Claudio Lombardi – the customer will never have to change the machine he has chosen, but will be able to adapt and implement it according to the needs of his future work.
We note the design with a very linear profile and the absence of flyers or mechanical systems on the printing units and we ask for reasons.
Besides that the machine works perfectly – Lombardi proudly states – the Invicta 630 is also elegant, ‘clean’.
But he also remarks that the machine is technically innovative.
The change of sleeves is absolutely automatic and, as you can see, the operator must not use mechanical tools.
Ma ci fa anche notare come la macchina sia all’avanguardia non solo nel design, ma anche dal punto di vista tecnico.
«Il cambio delle maniche è assolutamente automatico e, come può vedere, l’operatore non deve usare strumenti meccanici.»

Invicta 630 Lombardi packaging flessibile

The automatic sleeve changeover without the need for tools on the Invicta 630

He shows us that by pressing the green luminous button, the sleeve cylinder flows outwards; the housing opens and the operator simply removes the sleeve and replace it. After housing the new sleeve this closes and the cylinder returns to position. All of this in a few seconds and automatically. The print quality is automatically controlled by Grafikontrol’s Quality Control system, another Italian company with which Lombardi collaborates from years.

This 8 colours rotary machine has been presented to the world of printers as an “universal machine”, without any limit of substrate (BOPP, PVC, PE, PET, paper, adhesive paper, thermal paper, cardboard, laminated materials) and as a “smart” one.