Sales obtains B Corp Certification, first among the graphic and paper converting sectors, to enter the narrow club of companies which respect the highest social, environmental and public transparency performance standards

The long history Turin (Italy) based company with 133 years old within the self-adhesive labels and paper converting sector celebrates B Corp prestigious international achievement.
Continuous technological updates in order to be always ahead of competition, Sales managed to score 91,3 point.
Target is to accelerate the cultural global change to redefine the concept of “business success” in order to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive economy.

The B Corp community

Certified B Companies are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. This is a community of leaders, driving of a global movement of people using businesses as a force for good.

B Corep

B Corp Certification

B Corp Italian community is the fastest growing in Europe and counts 80 company today.
In order to achieve it, a company shall complete the free web-based confidential B Impact Assessment. Companies which reach a minimum of 80 points will undergo an auditing and verification process, through which they will be asked to produce all relevant documents to prove what previously declared.

The assessment tool covers all company aspects and measures positive impacts within the different governance areas like HR, local community, environment besides product and services offered.
Even for those who are not interested in being a B Corp, it produces useful feedbacks on economic, social and environmental performances.
The company which will be able to reduce, through its business model, the environmental and social impact will gain points in the areas which are more related to the environment.
Depending on the sector, geographical location and number of employees, the on-line assessment adapt its questions indicators to increase or reduce their importance.
The B Corp Certification Standard works on an independent, complete, comparable, dynamic and transparency base model.

The Sales choice to be a B Corp

The idea to become a B Corp comes from a customer of ours which requested is to complete the B Corp Assessment – says Domenico Tessera Chiesaso we started to fill data and investigate to better understand which would have been our score. Immediately we understood the benefits of a well-known independent benchmark which could determine the amount of good actions we were implementing in our company and how this would become a growing virtuous way for our company.

Sales CEO admits he did not think they would have been easily able to score more than 80 points but, in the end, it was above 90.
Everyone commitment to achieve B Corp certification has been important and represented for us a major challenge to be won”. We can add, a very big satisfaction indeed.


Which are the benefits for a company like Sales? We have obtained various benefits: first of all, we are able to precisely measure our performance in order to know whether we are respection our environmentale, social and governance values beside a continuous improvement. Another great benefit is being part of a network of companies which shares the same business philosophy and want to exchange ideas to create commune projects: the so call “interdependence”.

Sales is contributing to this global change mainly investing in social projects and environmental sustainability. As an example, reducing its industrial operations impact using all energy supply from renewable sources, printing with solventless inks and using hybrid/electric cars. Other activities are being done like promoting and participating in ethical activities in its region or finding, promoting and supplying lower impact solutions to customers.