One of the main activities of WPO (World Packaging Organisation) is education. Over the past few years, the Organisation was responsible for more than 52 packaging training courses around the world that had a positive impact in more than 2,137 packaging professionals. And this year, the mission continues.

According to Aslihan Arikan, WPO Vice President Education, the first packaging education program happened in Accra, Ghana, from March 02-06. The trainer was WPO Global Ambassador, Kishan Singh. Local WPO member, IOPG (Institute of Packaging Ghana, coordinated all the program in which 26 students participated.

Other packaging education programs, already approved by WPO for 2020, are: Pakistan – Flexpack; Kenya – IOPP (Institute of Packaging Professionals Kenya); China – CEPI; Lebanon – LibanPack; Jordan – JoPack; Indonesia – IPF (Indonesiaan Packaging Federation); Bolivia – to be handled by IAE, from Argentina.

WPO President, Pierre Pienaar, completes:
To stimulate education and training in packaging is an important goal for WPO.
It is our area of expertise and we work closely with our members around the world to develop and organize programs that can help local packaging professionals to improve their skills in packaging.
But according to Pierre, packaging is also related to almost everything in terms of ensuring the safe delivery of the final item to the customer. That´s why WPO also works to encourage the development of packaging technology, science and engineering; to contribute to the development of international trade; to support local industries and professionals create their own packaging organisations; and to promote the exchange of technologies.