Tau 330 UV Inkjet Printer System for an industrial scale production with full automation, new ink sets and available as an economical stand-alone solution.

Durst, the industrial inkjet specialist, is presenting its expanding portfolio of products for the packaging and label print sectors at the Packaging Innovations 2016 in Birmingham, Booth H31. Today, the successful Tau 330 UV Inkjet Printing Press is an integral part of the production process of more than 50 customers globally.
The respective and varied requirements of current customers were the foundation for its further development. Customers can individually configure the Tau 330 as a stand-alone solution, as an industrial scale production system with jumbo roll unit, or as a fully digital production unit with inline finishing.
There are three compatible ink sets available for the Tau 330, one each to achieve a screen print- or flexo print-like quality and one to comply with current Low-Migration guidelines, for applications in the pharma- and food industry. The new Tau 330 E is Durst’s economical alternative and was engineered with particular attention to equipment cost while maintaining print quality and printing speed, allowing small companies to enter into digital label production.

«The Tau 330 has established itself on the market as the digital printer system providing the highest flexibility, productivity and print quality, says Helmuth Munter, Segment Manager Label & Package Printing, Durst Phototechnik AG. We have no intention of resting on our laurels, but are continuously developing our portfolio by evaluating our customers’ feedback and individual requirements, to position the Tau 330 as a true alternative to traditional printing processes for short and medium runs. Our customers satisfaction shows, that we are on a good way. Therefore we are delighted that the LabelExpo provides us with a great chance, to present digitalization as an existing solution and not merely a vision for the future. Customer-configurable and for an impressive range of industrial applications

Tau 330 Configurations

With the Tau 330, Durst sets a new standard for digital UV inkjet label- and packaging print. It comes equipped with Xaar 1002 Single Pass Printheads and features a maximum print width of 330 mm with a maximum print speed of 48 linear meters/min, resulting in an unrivaled production capacity of 950m². The standard ink configuration in CMYK can be optionally complemented with White and two further process colors such as Orange and Violet, which are indispensable for label applications with a Pantone color space. The Tau 330 in its standard version already features a comprehensive RIP software with substrate- and color management functions.
Set to the High Definition Print Mode, the Tau 330 achieves a resolution of 720×1260 dpi, which significantly improves the print quality and generates highly defined texts and intricate details in all graphics and images.
· In order to ensure highest productivity with an entirely digital end-to-end workflow, the Tau 330 can be configured with a new in-line digital laser finishing system, designed by the industry-leading company Spartanics. The integrated powerful 1000-Watt laser enables highest speeds and a fully automatic job changeovers, while continuing production without interruptions.
· For an industrial scale production and unmanned printing options, the Tau 330 can be configured with Jumbo Roll Units. These large unwinder and rewinder units are engineered for rolls with a diameter of up to 1,000 mm for lengths of up to 4,000 linear meters and material widths of up to 330 mm. For an easy change of large rolls, the unwinder and rewinder system features motorized loading and unloading of heavy rolls with a built-in roll lifter and is equipped with a servo drive to feed the loaded material in both directions. Additionally, an integrated splice table enables easy and quick fixing of material.
· In order to ensure print quality, reliability and production certainty, the Tau 330 can be equipped with an integrated high-resolution Video Inspection System by NIKKA for automatic detection of print defects

Tau 330 Applications

Durst Tau 330 UV

Durst Tau 330 UV

The Tau 330 is ideal for application areas such us industiral & security sign labeles thanks to the high performance UV Inkjet inks, versioning jobs by in-printing on pre-printed labesl or printing on pre-die-cut labesl with Insetter, houshold and chemical products, food labels and primary food packaging thanks to food compliant LM inks, unsupported and heat sensitive film and foils thanks to built-in Chill Roller, body care and health-beauty products, varialbe data printing, and many more. Tau 330 with its streamlined digital workflow and outstanding printing speed can face the economic challenges and new service requirements of the current and future market trends.

Tau 330 Ink Systems

· High Performance Inks, that are characterized by their large color space are available for the Tau 330. Up to 70% of the Pantone color chart can be covered with 4 process colors and up to 90 % with 6 process colors. The Tau UV ink also provides excellent results for White color in the Single Pass mode. Tau UV inks are light-proof, scratch- and chemical resistant. This makes them especially suitable for out-door applications, as well as industrial- and safety signage applications.
· For printing primary food packaging, the Tau 330 can be equipped with the 2nd generation of Tau Low Migration Inks by SUNJET. The first generation had already been used by 20% of Tau customers to open up new areas of application. The current ink formulation of the Tau Low Migration Inks comply with the guidelines of the European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA) and the Swiss Ordnance on Materials & Articles. With this ink, Durst is expanding its range of suitable applications to include unsupported foils, such as blister packs, aluminum lid caps and many more. For heat sensitive materials, the Tau 330 features optional curing systems with built-in Chill Roller to control the temperature during the curing process. An inert gas system reduces the characteristic odor associated with UV inkjet inks to meet the requirements of the food- and pharmaceutical industry for low UV-odor printing.
· Durst has additionally developed high-pigment UV inks for the budget-priced Tau 330

Tau 330 E – Standalone Market Entry Solution

Durst Tau330E

Durst Tau330E

Tau 330 E is a budget-priced stand-alone label press for small- and medium sized label-print service providers. The Single Pass UV Inkjet Press comes with new highly pigmented UV inks, which achieve outstanding print results with less ink coverage, thus reducing ink consumption. The Tau 330 E can be configured with print widths of 200 mm or 330 mm and with 4 colors (CMYK) or 5 colors (CMYK + W). Using Xaar 1002 Single Pass Printheads it provides a print speed of up to 48 linear meters/min (157 ft./min) and the choice of two print resolutions: the standard print mode at 720×360 dpi and the HD print mode at 720×1260 dpi. The system has been engineered with particular attention to equipment cost while maintaining the market proven printing speed and printing quality of the Tau 330 digital UV inkjet product line. The Tau 330 E is therefore the perfect solution for a market entry into digital production and provides a transparent Total cost of Ownership.

Tau 330 – Integration and Third Party Devices

The Durst Tau 330 has an impressive range of expansion options including a large number of third party devices and integration into existing production lines, f.e. finishing options such as print buffer, web turning bar, registered feeding of pre-printed web for “sandwich labels”, delam & relam for adhesives, multiple flexo printing stations, lamination and label dispenser, rotary die cutting with sheet delivery, slitting unit and semiautomatic turret re-winder.