To allow customers to really ‘feel’ the product line of exclusive hosiery and shapewear brand ITEM m6 from high-tech German manufacturer medi developed an ingenious concept.

Enhancing the POS experience with good enough to touch material. The silky touch of Sappi’s bright white carton material Algro Design and a practical click closure make the premium quality of the contents clear from the outside. SAP_pr15014_RLC_Award Winning Rigid Packaging
With its audible click closure and silky touch, the elegant packaging concept for premium hosiery from German manufacturer medi doesn’t just appeal to customers in stores: it has also won over two important award committees. At this year’s Red Dot Design Award gala, the packaging for the exclusive hosiery and shapewear brand ITEM m6 was crowned a winner. And at the Pro Carton ECMA Awards 2015, the resealable packaging with the soft touch was a finalist in the non-food category.
In both visual and tactile terms, the packaging makes an instant impression, conveying the qualities of the product inside. Products for women are packaged in brilliant white – for which Sappi’s bright white carton material Algro Design, with a weight of 350 gs/m², was chosen – while men’s products catch the eye in intense black. In both cases, high ink coverage is achieved with UV printing. Combined with a soft-touch coating, this creates a silky surface finish that reflects the comfort of the products when worn.