Among the guests at the Flexo Day 2018, we meet Per Branzén director of Broby Grafiska Polytechnique, the technological centre for SWEFLEX, the Swedish Flexo Associacion. A good occasion to know better this institution.

Per Branzén,

Per Branzén, in the middle, during the interview. At left Sante Conselvan, FTA Europe president

Brobygrafiska is an excellence centre in Sweden for research and education in flexo and packaging, and the technological centre for SWEFLEX, the Swedish Flexo Associacion. Brobygrafiska offers test printing and is one of Europe’s best equipped graphics environments.

Metaprintart – Your presence here in Bologna is connected to a cooperation with FTA. Can you explain what Brobygrafiska can do for the European flexo industry ? And who will utilize your services ?
Per Branzén – Broby Grafiska has one of Europe’s best equipped graphics technology environments. We offer courses as part of our “idea to completion concept” in several production areas. We offer commissioned courses for your company in printing at various levels and also in packaging design and digital design. The facilitators and lecturers you encounter in our courses all have a background in the industry with a great understanding of all aspects, providing the foundation for fruitful discussions. At Broby Grafiska, you also have the option of workshops and test printing in a neutral and impartial environment.

Padre Monti in visita a Broby Grafiska

Italian students of Istituto Padre Monti visit a Broby Grafiska

Metaprintart – So, you are available to test machines and products for the packaging industry. What about the possibility to organize specialist training for flexo printers ?
Per Branzén – For flexoprinters we offers Flexography Basic Level. This course targets those who need to learn the basics of flexography. The course covers the entire production flow from incoming jobs via prepress, photo engraving plate production, materials, printing ink and finally actual printing on our presses. This is a course designed for new recruits, people not working directly in print production, technology departments. Prerequisites No specific preliminary knowledge is required.

Metaprintart – And for Flexography advanced level ? 
Per Branzén – The advanced level course is aimed at those who have been working for a time with flexo printing and are familiar with this printing method. The course is based largely on error simulation and analysis, and contains a number of more in-depth sections compared to the Basic Course. This course targets those who have been working for a time as flexo printers but need more in-depth knowledge in order to troubleshoot printing errors, for example

Broby GrafiskaproduktionMetaprintart – What about Colour and Quality Control ?
Per Branzén – An advanced course based on our Colour and Quality Control Course. This course is focused on process printing and how to control it for the best possible results. The course also takes up important parameters for documenting completed jobs to ensure that repeat orders can be easily completed. The course also provides information to help participants understand a spectrophotometer and how to handle one professionally. One more is Extended Gamut Printing – Equinox. This course teaches participants about the work flow for advanced 7-colour printing based on the Equinox system (Extended Gamut Printing).

Metaprintart – Can you explain how Broby Grafiska is structured as a technological centre ? 
Per Branzén – The printing press at Broby Grafiska is a CI Flexo printing press (S6-8, Bobst Fischer & Krecke, Bielefeld, Germany). The press can be used for printing trials using water-borne or solvent-borne ink.  The press is the hub in the school. It serves the upper secondary, higher vocational Educations and the business with training, tests and in service training.  Around the school there are three different printing companies, Tetra Pak, OptiPack and HQ Print. There are also two Pre Press companies, Marvaco and Miller Graphics.

Thank you Per