Dalim Software officially launches Dalim UK, focusing on local sales and support, effective since October 1st.

Dalim Software announces that it has invested in its UK sales and support infrastructure and opened a Dalim UK office. As part of these activities, Dalim Software has assembled centralised, top of the line engineering capabilities, with direct access to R&D and all of Dalim Software headquarters’ support.

Amidst all of the external difficulties which have made it challenging to work anywhere around the globe, Dalim Software is having a strong 2020. Its customers are reaping productive benefits ofDalim Software solutions, enabling them to work effectively from anywhere—office or home. With the backdrop of Brexit and Covid, the company decided that the United Kingdom should be an area of particular focus for its’ solid end-user base.

The company’s breadth of solutions has expanded beyond print and premedia companies. It serves brands, retailers, and packaging service providers, who can all benefit immediately from an implementation in today’s distributed workforce environment. A local presence in the UK has become even more vital for leading international brands, which have grown to trust Dalim Software ’s global strategy with local installations built throughout the globe. The dynamic nature and requirements of brands and retailers—which Dalim Software now serves every day—deserves the same attention as anywhere else. The company sees an enormous potential in helping UK marketing services departments and companies to work uninterruptedly and collaborate seamlessly on even the most complex content. For example, as Dalim Software products have evolved to allow users the agile implementation of their own digital strategies, they also offer choices for SaaS adoption—hosted or on premises—with legacy infrastructures if required. The company has developed competences within the framework of their AWS Partner certification.
Along with Fogra, SWOP or ISO certifications, it has consolidated Dalim Software ’s core competencies roadmap far beyond software development, only.

Colin Price has been appointed managing director of Dalim UK. He has extensive experience selling at every level— both technical and commercial—and has served as a technical backup for sales teams.