A pillar in the flexo prepress industry, it boasts a rich history of innovations and successes. Its strategic presence in the territory and constant dedication to quality and service have made it the first service in Italy to adopt the ‘flat top’ plate.

The continuous pursuit of excellence and a flexible approach to customer needs make Mavigrafica a reference point in the flexographic graphic arts sector, a prepress service that proudly positions itself as an innovator in the specific field, standing out for cutting-edge color management and prepress, producing excellent flexographic plates.

With over twenty-five years of experience, Mavigrafica has gained the trust of brand owners, manufacturers, printers, and graphic arts professionals.

Heritage and Technological Innovations

Since 1997, when the company primarily focused on graphics, providing support to customers without being a flexo plates producer, to the qualitative leap in 2008 with the acquisition of the first ‘flat top” machine, Mavigrafica has continued to innovate, becoming the first company in Italy to adopt this technology.

The ‘flat head’ or ‘flat top‘ was, in fact, the novelty of that Drupa edition: plates with a ‘flat top’ point represented a key innovation, allowing Mavigrafica, the first company to realize it, to stand out in the market with absolute quality novelties.

The search for the best equipment is a constant for the company, allowing it to guarantee optimal quality in all areas of flexographic printing.

To achieve these extraordinary results, the company implements a very dynamic but highly controlled management of work processes at various production stages, never forgetting that the formula for success also involves continuous 360-degree personnel training.

Strategic Locations and New Perspectives

Three operational locations in Salerno, Florence, and Milan.

This strategic choice was guided by the need to closely accompany clients in northern, central, or southern Italy, a testament to the fundamental importance that Mavigrafica attributes to offering quality service.

The new Florentine structure, specialized and structured as an avant-garde graphic studio, is preparing to welcome new equipment, further enhancing its plate production capabilities.

Diversification and Outsourcing

Mavigrafica does not limit itself to a specific market, ranging from medical to sanitary hygiene, from food to tissue, operating in multiple fields.

Flexibility and a targeted approach have allowed Mavigrafica to position itself as an outsourcer, offering a wide range of services and supporting clients in every phase, from packaging design to prepress, in the flexographic world.

Company Philosophy: Quality, Service, and Technical Innovation

The philosophy that has guided Mavigrafica over the years is clear and is based on quality, service, technological innovation, and research and development. Among the many novelties recently introduced to the market, ‘IMAGIC’, new screens of excellence for outstanding prints.

Another innovation and customer service is our digital color proof ‘Color Mirror’ on film and paper used by customers, a breath of fresh air in this ‘color’ world stiffened for a long time.

Last but not least, a brand-new round engraving to produce engraved elastomer sleeves but also plates, always in elastomer, thus completing the range of products offered.

Ecological Transition

The company is very attentive to the working environment; all its equipment uses innovative and, above all, ecological solvents, non-carcinogenic and non-flammable. It has recently introduced the first plate production machine with water washing, another ecological step forward, also of great production efficiency and unquestionable quality. Always the best in Mavigrafica.

The fundamental values of Mavigrafica are reflected in every aspect of the company, contributing to consolidating its reputation in the sector, attested by the various certifications obtained.

To underline the success, it should be mentioned that Mavigrafica is constantly praised and awarded in all industry events, receiving recognitions of great value and prestige, confirming the excellence of the services offered.

Mavigrafica ha la ‘testa piatta’