FLEXOGRAPHY With the event of November 15th, Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica showcase with its partners a technology ready for flexo printing with water-based inks.

The topic of the event will focus on “Water based inks as an alternative printing technology ready for the future of flexographic printing” and will take place at the Koenig & Bauer plant in Tavazzano (Lodi).
The experts at Koenig & Bauer, Sun Chemical, Pamarco Anilox and BST Eltromat, I & C-Gama and Lohmann Tapes will illustrate in detail the technical aspects to print flexo in a productive and sustainable manner.
There will also be a number of technical conferences that aims at providing the flexo printers with valuable tools to evaluate their potential in order to know and chosse which tools are the most suitable for their market needs.


The program of the event includes in the morning professional speeches preceded by the welcome of the new CEO Peter Lechner.
The topic of water-based inks will be discussed by SunChemical and what will be their role in the coming years.
Pamarco  will present the latest developments in the production of anilox cylinders.
BST eltromat will illustrate the latest generation of the press inspection system.
Finally, Gama and Lohmann will present, respectively, new generation viscosity meters and bi-adhesive tapes of unrivalled quality applied in the flexo printing market.
After that Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica will perform some real production printing tests.
The printing will be performed with the best seller of sales in the world such as the Evo XD with 8 printing groups and with typical print width such as 1270 mm and widths from 1000 to 1600 mm for print sizes max 1070 mm to 400 meters / min.

Printing tests

Today, the Evo XD machines represent the top of the range of printing machines based on a new concept developed to respond to the increasing  need to print with convenience and profitability. They are the machines developed with the latest technology in Flexotecnica, up to 10 colors.
The basic concept is the essence of Koenig & Bauer’s strategic principles for sustainable packaging with maximum production efficiency. Objectives achieved thanks to a number of innovative solutions aimed at ensuring greater productivity even with the shortest print runs. Excellent print quality and compatibility of the printing process with the environment.

8 colour water based flexo print on film

The demo will show a high resolution work with 8 colors in “Extended Color Gamut” (ECG) printed with a new generation of water based inks on plastic film. The machine will be an Evo XD Mod. 127 of 8 colors (maximum print width 1270 mm, maximum web width 1320 mm) of the range of Koenig & Bauer machines for flexographic printing designed in Tavazzano factory. They are machines designed to guarantee efficiency and profitability of the printing process, equipped with a wide range of optional accessories.


The machines of the Evo XD generation are suitable for printing on flexible film, paper and cardboard. The possibility to equip the machine in combined configuration with hybrid elements such as flexo or roto in line offers utmost versatility for varnishing or special coatings.
During the demo, the technicians of Koenig & Bauer will also show the second technological development of the automatic AIF printing pressure system integrated into the new generation Bosch electronic platform and the latest generation re-print system with automatic register control.
Furthermore, the revolutionary and unique AR DataGlass system in the world will unite the virtual and real worlds for technical support to customers in real time.

There will be two appointments: on November 15th for international customers (in English) and November 16th for Italians in Tavazzano.

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