Showcasing the power of 2: the Lombardi’s and Vinsak Synchroline twins for the very first time in any indian trade show.

Lombardi Converting Machinery and Vinsak – the official distributor in India of the Italian converting machinery manufacturer – have decided to showcase two twin presses: a Synchroline 430mm and a Synchroline 530mm in the upcoming Label Expo India on November 22-25, 2018 at Greater Noida.

Two Synchroline presses

For the Printing Industry that looks for maximum versatility and possibility of working on wide range of extensible materials needed for packaging, Lombardi Converting Machinery and Vinsak, the official distributor in India, have decided to showcase the two Lombardi Presses.
Synchroline 430mm press along with a “Toro” Hot foil and Hologram stamping flatbed unit which can also be used for cutting and creasing carton boxes. And a Synchroline 530mm 8 color press including an Overlap Unit which will be running flexible packaging and 3 layer labels. These are popularly used for cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging in the upcoming Label Expo India on November 22-25, 2018 at Greater Noida.
This will be a redefining moment when power of Siamese twins will be witnessed for the very first time in any Indian trade show by a European Manufactured Narrow web Label press.

Multi-layer labels

Holograms is a popular refining feature to achieve a prestigious look on labels. Furthermore it can be part of amazing security features when combined with other printing technologies. The TORO unit provides hologram in setting, hot foil and embossing technologies in line with a single operation at the highest speed with a register accuracy never seen before.

Multi-layer labels are often used for pharmaceutical and medical label applications, especially when government regulations require product information to remain intact with the product. With a multi-layer label, the customer can also add recipes on food labels, offer detailed instructions, give multilingual information’s, attracts buyers with coupons and display legal text. The multi-layer unit made in Lombardi is able to give value and more opportunities to customer’s business reaching a maximum of 4 printed layers.