Artes and the innovation in the world of self-adhesive labels: an interview with Luca Airoldi on sustainability with the contribution of UV ONE.

Artes, and the innovation in the world of self-adhesive labels: an interview with Luca Airoldi on sustainability with the contribution of UV ONE.

Artes, a landmark in the self-adhesive label sector, celebrates its fiftieth anniversary of activity with an imprint of innovation and sustainability. We had the opportunity to interview Luca Airoldi, head of quality control at Artes, to delve deeper into the key role of UV ONE technology and the initiatives undertaken by the company to reduce environmental impact.

Artes srl was born in Arcisate (VA) in 1973 and it specialized right from the start in the printing of self-adhesive labels. Over time it has consolidated its position thanks to the use of cutting-edge machines, including three Omet Xflex, three MPS and two Gallus Label Fire, that allow the printing with mixed techniques from 340 mm to 530 mm.

The innovation of UV ONE hybrid LED lamps

We therefore ask Luca Airoldi what he means by innovation in the company.

«On our narrow and medium web semi-rotary presses, we recently replaced the old mercury UV lamps with hybrid UV LED lamps from UV ONE and we immediately see significant advantages in economic, environmental and application terms

– What does it means?

«As Daniele Olive, founder of UV ONE, suggested to us, these lamps guarantee full drying of the inks, but also constant quality for over 20,000 hours of operation. Compared to traditional UV lamps, the UV LED lamps from UV ONE reduces energy costs up to 75%, thus representing an ecological and convenient choice for us and for the environment.»

Speed, flexibility and control of production

– He told us that Artes stands out for its flexibility in the production of self-adhesive labels.

«Yes, thanks to an efficient internal organization that is linked to our motto “adherents to your every need”, Artes guarantees a timely response to customer requests. Each production process is tracked by an advanced IT system, allowing constant monitoring.»

– What are your production lines and how do you position yourself in the environmental commitment?

«Artes offers a wide range of self-adhesive labels for almost all industrial sectors, supported by cutting-edge production lines, and Omet Xflex, MPS and Gallus Label Fire are proof of this. Environmental commitment is a priority for us: 50% of our energy needs are covered by photovoltaic panels. Furthermore, we have adopted innovative recycling practices, transforming production waste into waste-derived fuel (CDR) and collaborating with the “Cycle4green Recycling” paper recovery and recycling system since 2020.»

– What are your certifications for quality and socio-environmental commitment?

«Artes is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards and has obtained various environmental certifications, including FSC and UL. The constant review and evaluation of production practices by external bodies guarantee adherence to high standards of quality and sustainability.»

– What are your future medium-term plans?

«We continue to invest in innovative technologies, always with an eye to the future, such as industry 4.0 and now also 5.0. On the sustainability front, we promote transparency and accountability through our website, where you can further explore sustainability-related initiatives and projects. Furthermore, being present with this interview on MetaPrintArt is an important flagship.

We thank Luca Airoldi and Artes srl, who, by telling us their story of success and commitment to sustainable innovation, have established themselves as a leading company in the self-adhesive label sector, demonstrating that quality and sustainability can coexist harmoniously.

Innovazione nelle etichette autoadesive
Innovazione nelle etichette autoadesive
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