Sixty years of innovation and successes in the world of printing and packaging. Marco Calcagni tells us about them in this exclusive interview.

Last September, at Labelexpo in Bruxelles, the atmosphere at OMET booth was friendly and full of customers, celebrating the company’s first 60 years of innovation and passion. Marco Calcagni, OMET Sales & Marketing Director, led us through the fundamentals and evolution of this Italian company.

A story of continuous innovation and the importance of the team

In response to the question about the fundamentals that lead OMET Group, Marco Calcagni emphasizes how the company has maintained an image of seriousness over the years, as desired by founder Angelo Bartesaghi, focusing on continuous innovation and a passion for progress. One of the key aspects has been the creation of a cohesive team, consisting of both members with long experience within the company and new talents.

Strategic collaborations and consolidated partnerships

The interview goes on exploring the history of meaningful collaborations, such as the one with DURST to create the hybrid XJet. Calcagni explains that this collaboration is the peak of a corporate philosophy that promotes strong ties with customers and suppliers, underlining the importance of shared mindset and spirit in developing successful innovations.

Promoting responsible and sustainable innovation

When it comes to the topic of responsible innovation, Calcagni highlights OMET’s commitment in reducing energy consumptions and sustainable organization.

Just like the creation of the Innovation Park, involving partners and suppliers, which was a strategic move to foster collaboration and achieve significant satisfactions.

Continuous research and development for the technologies of the future

The conversation moves to research and development projects in progress at OMET, with particular attention to the hybrid technology and the philosophy of providing intelligent solutions with low investments. Calcagni reveals that OMET will be attending DRUPA 2024, presenting the most advanced and complete technologies, demonstrating the ability to integrate all existing technologies in the field.

Toward the future: innovation and long-term vision

Our dialogue concludes with a perspective on digital innovation and on OMET’s global approach. Marco Calcagni highlights the company’s commitment to 360-degree digital innovation, from the beginning to the end of the process, with the goal of being ever closer to the customer.

OMET, with its international growth story, is now recognized worldwide for its printing presses, thanks to strategic investments, the creation of subsidiaries and the collaboration with partners in 40 areas, proving its ever-lasting commitment in understanding present and future market needs.

OMET Group’s long-term vision is clear: the digital innovation will be central, not only in printing but in the whole project, maintaining the leadership in the industry and providing customers with cutting-edge solutions. OMET gets ready for DRUPA 2024 by consolidating its position as a world leader in label and packaging printing presses.

We invite you to watch the full interview in this x-minute video

Marco Calcagni racconta il futuro di OMET
Marco Calcagni racconta il futuro di OMET