Durst provides web-based media database for roll-to-roll printing systems with over 1,500 tested roll media with setup parameters.

Durst prepared a web-based database with over 1,500 tested roll media available to its Rho customers free of charge. Rho roll-to-roll printing systems, part of Durst’s large format printing portfolio, constitute an important factor in the success of the company.
With over 600 installations around the world, the printing systems set standards in terms of print quality, productivity and reliability. However, customers do not just require premium hardware but also need a comprehensive service. Thus Durst customers can have their printing materials and designs tested in Durst’s Demo Center in Brixen and in return receive the optimum parameters in order to set up their system for the relevant application. An archive of more than 1,500 tested types of media has been built up over the years.
Durst has digitalized this information and collated it in an extensive database.
In future, customers will be able to access the database via a web browser over the Internet, make a selection according to material manufacturer, media type and area of application and download the required data as a PDF file. This will enable them to start production with new applications in no time – without the need for protracted tests and long sampling processes.
Durst has nicknamed its new database for roll media “Ask Hubi” – in reference to Hubert Fischer, the technical head of the media sampling department. Mr Fischer has been working in Durst’s Demo Center in Brixen for over a decade and in that time has tested every conceivable roll-based material. That is why customers also say with a smile, “Ask Hubi. If he says it can’t be done, it just can’t be done.” Hubert Fischer has also earned this reputation among manufacturers of paper, PVC, textiles and other roll-based materials, who send products in to him for quality testing. The results are then incorporated into the new database, supplying new content on a continuous basis.
Besides this extended service, Durst is also offering a new option for the Rho 312R and Rho 512R: a system for double-sided printing using CCD camera monitoring. With this solution customers are able to print the front and reverse of city light posters for day and night applications.