Lombardi Synchroline 430 makes winning four flexo awards to label converters in the narrow web and combined printing, at Bestinflexo 2016.

At the Award Ceremony of the contest sponsored by BestinFlexo ATIF (FTA Italy) with the aim of encouraging improvement in flexo printing quality, two label printers in northern Italy, Minova Labels and Riber won the first, second and third prize into two categories.
The works submitted, divided into 11 categories, were all judged of high quality by a qualified panel of technical experts in each of the stages of preparation and flexo printing.

Minova Labels won first prize for the narrow web category, which includes labels and flexible packaging, and the third prize in the combined use of flexographic printing. Riber has finished second in the combined use with hybrid printing machines with screen printing units and cold foil, and the third prize in the narrow web.

Software making the difference

The Lombardi Converting Machinery narrow web Synchroline 430

Ivan Caldirola, Minova Labels owner, does not seem surprised for the success because customers and market require high-quality jobs.
I think the Synchroline 430 by Lombardi Converting Machinery is now the best narrow web flexo machine on the market. I come from an experience of printing technique and still for me it is easier to choose a good machine than print labels.”
How long you work with Lombardi’s Synchroline?
We evaluated a Lombardi flexo press eight years ago. But did not choose it for several reasons. But four years ago, we bought a first Synchroline for a company we have in Russia: in that occasion we were convinced more for its mechanics than electronics. Today Lombardi have grown a lot and in addition to mechanics is just the electronics, and in particular their management software to make a difference. For this reason we believe that the Synchroline 430 is today the best choice.”
Synchroline is a solution designed to provide high-level performance in narrow web fo labels and packaging on any type of substrate. The press with which Minova won the two awards is a Syncroline 430, 10 colours with double lamination and the option to print coupons.
Besides basic Synchroline, now established at the most demanding customers for its perfect register, there are several configurations such as the integrated booklet labels and with Stork silk screen finish for ennobled labels.

Demanding markets

Minova Labels, such as Riber, is a small company of 12 people working in two shifts on narrow web machines from 400 to 600 mm. The requested quality is similar to rotogravure, but for small and medium runs.
Our clients are international groups demanding high quality, but as today high quality is always requested, we focus mainly on the technical specialties of the product. As for the durable, for example, each product is approved and submitted to a series of stress tests prior to those that will be carried by our own customers.

Your concept therefore is to provide innovation… But what are your strengths points?
On the application, for example with the choice of materials which are produced directly by a company of coating and laminating specialist, like us, on innovation and with which we started an exclusive collaboration. For this kind of job we always compare to the offset, because our customers are companies accustomed to Cromalin proofs. So we have to reach these levels.”
With flexography it is not easy. So you work a lot to prepress level.
Sure, and on this we are in constant improvement. But as for prepress we rely on external service, we focus on printing and we must rely on good printing machines. For that reason we have chosen to Synchroline by Lombardi Converting Machinery. Moreover, we have a very accurate programmed cleaning and maintenance cycle, and the Lombardi’s assistance is essential for us.
What is the difference between the two winning entries?
The first is a narrow web flexographic work purely on supporting flexible film. The other is a combined printing of synthetic, which combines thus also other techniques. For example there is a transparent hologram, an ice cube, applied with cold foil technology. This is purely ennobling, with aesthetic function and has a high cost.”
So as a service for your customers you also give innovative ideas.
It is the customer who asks us to find something beautiful and we collaborate with their graphics offices.”
In summary, a quality that starts from prepress, but it must take a lot of attention to the press statement.