At Sign & Graphic Imaging Dubai 2016 the number of printers requiring less energy is set to rise for environmentally friendly printing solutions.

Environmentally friendly printing solutions have been around the industry for a long time. However, they have not been valid for some time. Latest since the advent of UV LED and its introduction into the printing industry, those devices, requiring far less energy, have found their space in print shops around the world.LIMG_7380
Instead of using UV lamps containing mercury, that require high energy, UV LED only requires about half of the energy in order to cure UV inks. The inks are specially formulated to cure at ultaviolet light waves of 370 to 410 nm. Apart from the low energy requirement of UV LEDs, the lifetime of the diodes is about ten times longer.
According to recent studies, the market for UV LED was valued at 82.53US$ million in 2014 and is expected to reach US$ 369.58 million by 2020, thus showing a CAGR of 23.17% between 2015 and 2020.
Already at SGI 2015, five exhibitors displayed this rising technology. At the upcoming SGI Dubai 2016, several more exhibitors are expected to showcase UV LED-solutions thus offering the region further potential for savings while maintaining print quality.
LIMG_7295“Reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing solutions – may it be within printing or other industries – is one of the main targets that print service providers should strive at. In the UAE, energy prices are set to rise and solutions that require less energy to operate are favourable. With the large format market, indoors and outdoors to rise, not only due to the Expo 2020 in Dubai, many more printers will enter the region and be put in operation. In addition, the environmental impact and work safety, due to the fact that no VOCs are emitted when using UV LED curing printers, offer additional benefits. We are happy, that we can offer such sophisticated solutions on the show floor at SGI Dubai 2016”, says Mr. Sharif Rahman, CEO, IEC.
SGI Dubai 2016 will take place from January 10 – 12, 2016 at the World Trade Center in Dubai (UAE).
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