Professor Emilio Gerboni has been an expert in Imaging, Graphic Communication, Packaging and Converting for 60 years.

He has an enduring relationship with Swansea University particularly with the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating which has strong links with the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA) the Italian branch of which, TAGA Italia, Professor Gerboni co-founded.  He is active as Technical and Marketing Consultant for various Italian and multinational organisations. professor_emilio_gerboni-300-q90

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Designate) and Head of the College of Science at Swansea University, Professor Steve Wilks presented the award.  He said: “Professor Gerboni has the qualities and attributes which we value at Swansea University; he is a passionate researcher, dedicated to communication, and is a global citizen having impacted on the lives of all. His profile and scientific background make him an excellent ambassador for Swansea University.”

On receiving his award, Professor Gerboni said: “I feel very happy and touched in receiving this Honorary Award which represents a consolidation of my personal relationship with the prestigious Swansea University.”