SCS Automaberg from Bergamo, Solema, Peroni Ruggero and Tecnomac organized a successful international event under the topic “Synergy creates opportunities”.

I came here to see Paper Flow at the suggestion of SCS Automaberg’s agent”, an Algerian lady said. “In a short time and dedicated space I could find what we require to extend our company’s offerings.” The 12-member strong family owned company a small full-service printing

From Algeri to Paper Flow to let her company grow

company in Algiers. ”Soon we will be 200 head strong as we intend to expand towards the pharmaceutical industry.”
Her visit to Paper Flow, an event that took place in the two weeks ending September and starting October, was essential to find the right finishing system for their intended usage. The lady is convinced to have taken the right decision, which in turn has changed her perception of trade fairs.

Open source

How can a “small open house” be so powerful? All visitors not only from Italy and Europe, but also from Malaysia, India and other Asian countries as well as Africa, agreed that the formula of open house events from companies in cooperation with complementary suppliers, is a winning one – for exhibitors as well as printers looking for solutions and adding value to their production.

I work for a company that produces finishing and converting machines. We design and manufacture all in-house”, says Loretta Sellecchia, Marketing and Sales Manager from SCS Automaberg. “We are proud to be able to boast a CE mark made in Italy in the true sense of the word.” She adds: “At Paper Flow, the synergy between companies creates solutions and not competition.” In addition, Mrs Sellecchia stresses that “know-how of Italian small businesses should not be absorbed by multinationals.”

SCS Automaberg gripper trimmer

We can therefore define Paper Flow as an “open source” operation: companies manufacturing machinery and equipment agree on structured exposure and, in collaboration with other companies producing materials and accessories that together offer complete solutions for every kind of post print from trimming to cutting and packaging, from converting corrugated cardboard to finished products, from die cutting to rounded corners to lamination, assembly and so forth.

Solutions for added value

Visitors were very pleased to find professional concrete products and solutions for paper processing and finishing in one place.

Dario Scarpa, Euroedit, Trento specialist in geographic maps

Dario Scarpa, CEO of Euroedit in Trento, visited the event to get updates on finishing technologies within the graphics sector. “Euroedit’s core business, in addition to editing publications, consists of special multi-fold products, above all folding of large and small format geographical maps, brochures and pharmaceutical instructions. Here we require specific equipment and need to be on top the latest technologies. That is why I came to Paper Flow. We also design and build the equipment we use. Equipment such as our prototype for automatic packaging of maps with and without flaps, with and without brochures inside, need to get redesigned for many different products. In addition, we also use standard equipment for application of two single covers or books and album covers to maps that can be folded the size of a credit card.

Geographical and topographic maps sometimes require special papers. “We do not only use paper but also Polyart, Yupo, Karaplastic, stone paper and glossy or dull paper dry on both sides.” Of course, Paper Flow offered solutions for all those requirements.

Four companies

Peroni Ruggero’s elastic application line

The four companies getting together for the event were:
SCS Automaberg
, at whose premises Paper Flow was held. The company is a specialist in die cutting, punching and cutting machines. Round corners, rounded corners, front cuts of books with flap cover and cutting of laminates are some of its special offerings.

Peroni Ruggero, specializing in glueing, tapping and labeling lines; calendar, milling machines, profilers, elastic folding production lines and application of elastic and bookmark ribbons.

Solema, known for implementation of transport system for industrial automation within the graphic arts sector as well as cardboard transformation and featuring in particular a cutting line and assembly of corrugated cardboard (honeycombs) for bottleneck and bottleneck separators, the company noted increased business due to the event.

Tecnomac, a manufacturer of multisensory film laminators, presented a line for applying spot glue with subsequent cold lamination with electronic overflow management and automatic separator – a novelty – with support for cardboard and rigid substrates.

Several sponsors provided testing materials for the event: Magdata group placed some plastics substrates for packaging at the event’s disposal; Emmebi International sponsored glues and adhesives; Tecnolaser dies and punches, cliches and products for converting industries; Peroni products elastic and polyester plaits and cords; Elettrochimica Valle Olona cartonboard for publishing, bookbinding and maps; Veronapack cardboard separators with antislip for automatic bottling, cardboard sheets and folded sheets; igf book binding,  Derprosa BOPP film; Scatolificio Abruzzese srl gave honeycomb cardboards and Ghelfi Ondulati Spa.

The San Pellegrino Hotel Institute organized a buffet offering the students an opportunity to experience their future profession. The events’ visitors were generously served by happy young, smiling and elegant waiters.