With the brand new image given to Nuova GIDUE, now as BOBST Firenze, Bobst entered officially in the middle and narrow web for labels and packaging.

As prevously announced, Labelexpo Europe was the first occasion to introduce the new deal of thee Swiss Company in the narrow web market.
Two completely new flexo presses were demonstrated at work: the M4 press (430mm width) for printing labels and flexible packaging with register stability at all speeds; and the M6 press (670 mm width) dedicated to mid-web press for the flexible packaging market.

Federico D'Annunzio illustrates the new M6

Federico D’Annunzio illustrates the new M6

Both presses were equipped with the GIDUE Digital Automation program in the print cylinder configuration for M4 and in the print sleeve configuration for the M6.
During the show “live” exchange of multiple jobs with less than 10 meters of substrate waste and 1 minute of set-up time were successfully obtained under the accurate and professional guidance of Federico D’Annunzio, the ‘mind’ of these systems.
Bobst also confirmed the full commitment for the REVO Project for 7 Colors Extended Gamut technology and the REVO Team introduced the concept of Non-Stop Digital Flexo with the aim to achieve up to 95% press up-time. On both M4 and M6 the GIDUE Excellence Technology allowed for fully automated job exchange on-the-fly without stopping the press.
The satisfaction for the acquire of Nuova Gidue by Bobst has been confirmed us directly by Pascal Bobst, CEO of the Swiss Company, in this exclusive interview.