An innovative and revolutionary system patented by Toppy allows to spare on packing and transport costs, optimizing the storage spaces with the total respect of the environment.

Toppy is an Italian company established in Bazzano (BO) – near Maranello the town famous for Ferrari – mainly known by printing and paper industries because of its long-time successful mobile pile turners, both with manual and automatic functioning.
With the aim to offer to the companies a more functional, clean and eco-friendly service of internal logistic, Toppy has patented a completely new and revolutionary pallet system.
The basic idea is to offer light, clean, reliable and fully recyclable pallets made of recycled plastic material.
Thanks the their design, these pallets are ‘nesteable’ which means that they can be stacked one into the other when not in use, dramatically reducing in this way the space and the weight both in transport and storage.

Pallet Toppy

Pallet Toppy

Functionality and benefits

Toppy pallet and its own system – Toppy supplies the patented special equipment to produce the pallets as well – allows the replacement of the traditional wooden pallet with light weight plastic supports.
This new ‘Toppy system’ encloses the product into a “cocoon” throughout an integral wrapping on all the 6 faces of the load attaching at the same time the pallet supports on the base so that the product is firmly fixed to the pallet making the load protected, stable and safe.
We visited Toppy’s premises in Bazzano in order to see directly how those pallet system works and which advantages result from the use of those pallets.
The remarkable benefits can be summarized in few words: reduction of the weight of the packing and, consequently, of the palletized goods, as the weight of each pallet is only a little fraction of the traditional wooden pallet.
Consequently, the system can noticeably reduce the costs for the packing materials: moreover, the cost of those pallet is about 60% less then the one of wooden pallet and the light weight can reduce the transport and fuel costs.
Furthermore, its low cost makes it not necessary the recovery or the rent of the pallet, with the consequent reduction of the costs for the logistics management.

Economic and sustainable

Pallet plastica TPS 7 190514 Thanks to its perfect nesteability, Toppy Pallet can drastically reduce the encumbrance with the  optimization of the spaces: Mr. Alessandro Piani, who follows us during the visit in Toppy’s  premises, confirms that the storage place of the empty pallets can be reduced of the 97%.
Although they are very thin and light, their patented construction drawings can sustain statics  loads up to 2000 kg while ensuring high reliability and robustness.
Moreover, thanks to their particular design, with the simple support can be handled different  pallet dimensions, offering the interchangeability of different pallet types.
From a practical point of view, Toppy’s pallet is highly suggested for the exportation because it  does not need any certification and avoids the HT treatment mandatory for the wooden pallets,  solving at the same time the problem of the disposal of the poisoned woods.
Concluding, Toppy’s pallets are absolutely ecologic: with few ounces of recycled plastic you can replace the traditional wooden pallet.