Installation will take place shortly after Labelexpo Europe, where the system will be on display

The Gallus Labelfire that were on display at Labelexpo, right after the exhibition will become the first installation of this system in Italy. Pilot Italia, a company based in Northern Italy, specialized in self-adhesive labels and recognized by the market as a leader in areas such as Home & Personal Care, Food and Beverage, Pharma, has decided to acquire it as quality and flexibility of Gallus Labelfire convinced Andrea Vimercati, COO  and Panariti Plant Manager of Pilot Italia, that it was exactly what they were looking for. Labelfire is a roll-to-roll digital printing system that can be integrated with screen printing, flexographic and laminating units (pre and post digital printing unit) that can work 1200×1200 dpi at 50 meters per minute, creating complex labels and embellished in a single passage.

The system that will be installed at Pilot Italia in October 2017 will have a tailor-made configuration for the needs of the Italian company: it has two flexo units upstream (before digital printing) and three flexo units in downstream (after the digital drive), all interchangeable with screen printing units. Two cold foil or plastification units, upstream and downstream, and a semi-rotary die cutting unit in the final position to cut at 50 mt/ minute any kind of material.

With this system, Pilot Italia can make its motto “label that does not exist… we have already imagined” because the Gallus Labelfire versatility is infinite. It is possible to print high-quality labels with embellishments such as foils or braille and variable data: one million labels edition can include 4000 variants – tastes, colours, languages and a QR-code that makes them unique – with the possibility to print on the glue so that the label can also be read on transparent bottle as well. All in one pass just like in a traditional machine, but without the cost and setup time between one version and the other.

In the picture above: from left to right: Uwe Alexander (Gallus), Andrea Citernesi (Heidelberg Italy), Antonio Panariti (Plant Manager Pilot Italia), Marco Prato, Alberto Mazzoleni (both Heidelberg Italy), Andrea Vimercati (Chief Operations Officer Pilot Italia), Michael Ring, Jonny Dörig (both Gallus)