Riportiamo questo articolo in originale (molto semplice anche per chi non padroneggia l’inglese) su un incongruente modo di ‘pubblicizzare’ la cucina e il packaging italiano.

Tesco’s Insulting Italian Error

By Laura Elliott.

Executives at the UK’s largest retailer, Tesco, have been left embarrassed after an Italian student, Giulia Maracrida, who is studying in England, pointed out that there were numerous offensive phrases pictured on the packaging of their Italian spaghetti bolognaise.

The student told The Sun newspaper that multiple signs featured on the packaging of the microwavable ready-meal were extremely insulting profanities – not classic Italian culinary phrases. ‘La Palle de Nonno’, for instance,, was revealed by Giulia to translate as ‘b*****ks of grandad’! Another sign, ‘Coglioni di Mulo’ translates into ‘Donkey b*****ks’.

A spokesperson for the supermarket giant said that the signs had been pictured at a marketplace in Italy where someone ‘clearly had an interesting sense of humour’. They added that the packaging will soon be changed.